Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Organization (Details)

Organization (Details) (USD $)
0 Months Ended
Mar. 14, 2014
Nov. 14, 2013
Organization (Textual)    
Options to purchase number of ordinary shares   90gpne_OptionsToPurchaseNumberOfOrdinaryShares
Issued and outstanding shares of Gazania percentage   90.00%gpne_IssuedAndOutstandingSharesPercentage
Value of Issued and outstanding shares under option agreement   $ 240,000gpne_IssuedAndOutstandingSharesUnderOptionAgreementValue
Undivided interest transfer to Gazania percentage   100.00%gpne_UndividedInterestTransferredPercentage
License area   49,127gpne_LicenseArea
Advance payment to purchase price of Gazania shares   90,000gpne_AdvancePaymentToPurchaseOfShares
Purchase price amount paid $ 150,000gpne_PurchasePriceAmountPaid  
Subsidiary owned percentage 90.00%gpne_SubsidiaryOwnedPercentage